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Sirma Business Consulting attends Oracle Partner Summit in Reading

15 nov 2016

Sirma Business Consulting, a leader in consulting, development and delivery of customized business and IT solutions on the Balkans, got in line with the latest trends and practices in providing services and meeting the highest requirements in the rapidly growing financial sector, presented at Oracle Financial Services EMEA Partner Summit 2016.
The event took place in early November at Oracle, Parkway, Thames Valley Park (TVP), Reading, England, as participants were some of the major players in providing services to financial institutions such as InfoSys, Luxoft, Deloitte, Accenture, Datas technology and many others. 
Some of the main topics highlighted during the executive level summit were:
-    The changes in the financial sector and the need for faster innovations;
-    The challenges in the financial institutions associated with the growing competition from non-traditional players, the increasing regulations, the need for simplification and systems consolidation;
-    The rapidly increasing customer expectations and the need for creating a comprehensive vision for a customer-centric business and operating model with clear targets;
-    The digitalization and offering of cloud services and solutions;
-    Security and protection of data
With the acquired knowledge for the latest trends in Oracle services and products, SirmaBC is prepared to meet customer needs related to next planned upgrades on core banking system FlexCube 12. In addition, the company offers innovative solutions for business growth and market expansion to the rest of the banks that are in the process of selection of a new core banking system.

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