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Digital Intelligent Banking Applications is unified solution with a complete suite of integrated electronic connectors and modules. 

  • BIAN compliant architecture and open banking APIs;

  • Independent from DB, Application server or browser;

  • Cross device web interface, Responsive Web, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript;

  • Multi: Functionalitylanguage, Authority, Authorizations, Security and Integrity with external providers or bac-kend systems;

  • Complete suite of integrated electronic channels and hub for 

  • Greater innovation in the direct and fast communication with Online banking customers;


Convenient user interface for mobile Apps and Web
Exclusive and innovative functionality and easy navigation
Simplified administration and audit monitoring
Opportunity for integration with customer help desk, chatbot or robo-advisor
Predefined interfaces to Oracle FlexCube, using the standardized gateways
Effective integration of different electronic services and TTPs providers
365x7 operating mode of the system providing business continuity


  • Accounts, Cards, Loan, Insurance, Securities, Utilities payments;

  • Cash in and Cash out at branch or merchant office;

  • Notifications, statements, statistics and reports;

  • Opening new product: account, deposit, Card, Overdraft;

  • Online registration, form processing and management of requests;

  • High level of security, use of different PKI, MFA/2FA and SCA; 

  • API integration for B2B, B2M, PSD2 and open banking services;

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