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System for management of all types of banking cards

  • Multilevel architecture

  • Independent from DB, Application server

  • Cross device web interface

  • Multi-functionality

  • Multilanguage

  • Multilevel of Security

  • Full-featured, web-based application/ solution for automation of the process for card management - “end to end”, in real time and EMV compliant

  • Modern technological solution with internal/external interfaces for centralized storage and data processing based on JAVA technology



All types of bank cards management

  • Tracking of fees and charges online - calculation and processing of fees for multiple services in different currencies for all products

  • Instant SMS notification services related to all card transactions

  • Definition of card products and respective parameters

  • Fully automates service processes in the Card Center at the production and management of cards

Predefined interfaces to Oracle FlexCube
Convenient user interface
Numerous options to create portfolios of several credit cards, independently from their various pricing plans
Unique and innovative functionality
Continuous operating mode of the system
Increases operation efficiency
Unlimited options for card personalization
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