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Banking & Finance


SirmaBC helps their customers identify and implement the best practice solutions in order to address and manage their unique business challenges and needs.

The company’s efficient consulting services help banks and financial institutions transform their business with targeted investments toward growth, optimized efficiency and well-managed risk and compliance around business operations.

The customers are being driven to profitable growth by understanding market drivers, creating new business models and increasing competitiveness. The management consulting expertise SirmaBC offers optimizes the performance in every aspect of the customer’s organization.

Project Management Consultancy

Reviewing project's current state and providing experts for scope analysis, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, project monitoring and control. 

Project Management Processes

Delivery of processes from beginning to end for a successful solution implementation 

  • Program charters that define scope and goals

  • High-level and detailed network-based schedules 

  • Activity identifications - durations, responsibilities and resources 

  • Time-cost tradeoff process and validation of schedules

  • Staffing analysis

  • Establishment of governance procedures

  • Standard reports 

  • Coding structures, metrics and templates

  • Implementation of Project Offices

IT/Technology Consulting

Software Solutions

Development of software solutions to improve customer business performance.

Implementation Support

Consultancy services to support the implementation of key business initiatives.


Strategic know-how and understanding of key technology drivers to plan the development and integration of advanced technology. 

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

New Initiatives and Solutions

  • Delivery of new initiatives and solutions that impact customer on a local and international level

  • Creative design and implementation of compliance management systems

  • Specialized skills training

  • Evaluation of existing systems and processes

Legislation and Regulations

Requiring customers to be cognizant of all legislation and initiatives that affects their company.

Deep understanding of required regulations and best practices in the banking/financial sector.

Customized Approach

Scrutinizing and evaluating each organization's unique situation to provide the most accurate and effective information, using a customized approach.

Business Analysis & Strategy Consulting

  • Gathering business requirements

  • Defining and communicating the business vision for the project

  • Mapping out of initial requirements and project scope

  • Interpreting business needs

  • Breaking down technical and architectural complexities 

  • Identifying, modeling and documenting customer requirements and needs

  • Positioning of development teams

  • Test and validation processes

  • Representing project stakeholders throughout the process

Financial/Investment Consulting

Customer investment consultancy for managing assets and/or making specific recommendations in accordance with customer’s long-term investment goals. 
Analysis of customer's current financial status and helping the client set reasonable, achievable financial goals.

Processes Design & Engineering Consulting

  • Business process analysis

  • Development of new methods to improve productivity, efficiency and operational costs analysis

  • Design/redesign of workflows

  • Implementation of business process improvements between customer systems for optimization of end-to-end processes

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